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Mold and Health Concerns Follow Worst Floods in Alberta History

As those of us in Southern Alberta, Canada, come through the worst flood disaster in history we are left with not only a massive clean-up but the health concerns that go along with it. In Calgary, High River, Canmore and other communities hard hit by the flood water, many home and business owners are contending with water and moisture that has saturated walls and foundations for many days. Perfect growing conditions for mold.

Are Your Restrooms Scaring Customers Away?

Are your building’s restrooms clean enough? Here is a good article from Dave Mesko, Senior Director of Marketing for Cintas, about cleanliness issues that can affect your business, and how to address them in your cleaning program.

Dirty restrooms generate building complaints and unsatisfied patrons, and are often a common cause of lost business. In fact, a recent Harris Interactive survey revealed that 94 percent of U.S. adults would avoid a business in the future if they encountered dirty restrooms. Similarly, it’s estimated that over 50 percent of complaints about buildings concern the upkeep of restrooms. With a high level of issues surrounding restroom cleanliness that can easily lead to lost business, facility managers must establish a comprehensive restroom cleaning program to generate a pleasant environment and keep businesses thriving.

Beware of the Cost of the “Lowest Price” Game

The “lowest price” game is a bad business strategy. Unfortunately, it is a common one.

I saw it when I was in radio advertising. The unskilled salespeople resorted to selling their “puffs of broadcast air” based on price. Those of us (yes, I’m putting myself in this camp) who were good marketers and competent salespeople, sold that same air for top dollar based on valuable expertise and a track record of quality advice and results.

The Most Powerful & Underestimated Business Strategy is Gratitude

“Feeling grateful or appreciative of someone or something in your life actually attracts more of the things that you appreciate and value into your life.”   –Christiane Northrup

The professional development books are full of business advice such as goal-setting, networking, blogging, etc., etc.  I regularly read the books and listen to the CD’s and I enjoy learning all of these valuable strategies. But over time, I’ve come to realize there is one strategy that trumps them all for both business and personal success . . . and it is the simplest one. Gratitude. Let me give you an example of the ripple effects of this wonderful gesture.

Ceiling Cleaning – Easy Building Maintenance that Saves Time, Money and Labour

Common Problem

It’s a problem that all building facilities struggle with. The ceilings get dirty and dark making the overall space look the same. Not only does this look terrible, it is unhealthy as pollutants and contaminants are lying within ceiling tiles and above in the HVAC systems.

Quite often, dirty ceilings go untreated because managers are busy and the typical maintenance options of replacing ceiling tiles or painting them are simply too costly and time-consuming.

How Superintendents Can Hire the Right Construction Cleaner

The  outlook for the construction industry in Calgary is rosy. The Calgary Chamber of Commerce’s 2013 Economic Outlook says construction growth is expected in the coming year. “With the city recording the highest annual population increase in five  years, the residential real estate and construction markets are expected to remain robust,” says the report.

For construction companies, that means great business potential ahead. For construction project managers and superintendents, it means busy times ahead. As the excitement of a new project greets the construction crews at the beginning of a job, that sentiment often wanes as a project nears completion. Construction managers want to complete the job smoothly and efficiently, including the post-construction clean.

Fitness Centre Cleanliness is Number One Factor in Member Retention and Revenue

Happy New Year! And with it comes many new year resolutions that will include the phrase, “exercise more”. If you are looking to join a gym, or already belong to one, you’ll probably agree there is one factor that stands out from the rest as a reason to join a club or remain a member.
Working for a commercial cleaning company, I’ve seen far too often when a fitness facility forsakes cleanliness to save a few dollars. Often, they focus on having updated equipment and the latest and greatest classes. But it’s all for not if the members are coming in to an unsanitary looking environment. Luckily, our fitness clients, such as Westside Recreation Centre and Trico Centre, share these sentiments and are some of the cleanest facilities in Calgary.

Handwashing to Avoid the Flu

  • The  influenza season has started in Canada with increases in all influenza  indicators observed this week.
  • More  regions reported sporadic or localized activity compared to the previous week.
  • A  total of 278 laboratory detections of influenza were reported, of which 97.8% were  for influenza A viruses, predominantly A(H3N2).
  • Eight influenza outbreaks were reported: one in a hospital, five  in long-term care facilities and two in other settings.
  • Seven paediatric influenza-associated hospitalizations were reported through the IMPACT  network.

These are some recent stats from the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Flu Watch. Yes, it’s flu season and if you’re like me, you are seeing sick people everywhere you go. Luckily, Dec. 5 – 8, 2012 is Handwashing Awareness Week. What a better way to brush up your handwashing skills and potentially avoid this year’s flu virus. Washing hands is one of the most effective ways of preventing the spread of germs. Unfortunately, many people don’t take the time or don’t know how to properly clean their hands. Millions of dollars are lost each year by companies due to reduced productivity from sick employees. Eighty percent of diseases are spread by touch so germs are transmitted to others through contact with hands and surfaces touched by unclean hands. So a little education can go a long way.

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