“Since changing to EFS Clean as our commercial cleaning company in Calgary, we have seen a noticeable improvement in the cleanliness of our building. The company is very responsive and their team is a pleasure to work with. The cleanliness of our facility serves to enhance the experience of our clients.” - Calgary Jewish Community Centre

So many commercial cleaning companies in Calgary. How do you choose?

We let our clients speak for us.

We have been earning the trust of Calgary businesses since 2005.  For us, it’s so much more than just commercial cleaning services. We use a wholistic approach so that your janitorial services care for the appearance and reputation of your business, as well as the health of your people.

This is what makes EFS Clean a high-value, no-risk commercial cleaning company in Calgary:

Rec centre cleaning services, gym cleaning services, auto dealership cleaning services, office cleaning services, restaurant cleaning services. We clean some of Calgary’s hardest-to-clean buildings which require high standard cleaning on a daily basis, for a variety of surfaces.

  • Our innovative software provides two-way communication with our staff and our clients and gives you quality assurance inspections to ensure you are getting the most value for your commercial cleaning services.
  • We are realistic and transparent. Promising the best cleaning services for the least money (which often happens with commercial cleaning companies) never ends well. You will not be happy with the results and will continue on the hamster wheel of searching for a cleaning services provider. We want you to get off that wheel! We will always recommend a cleaning program that is realistic, one that will truly meet your needs and keep you happy for the long term.
  • We educate so you learn how good building cleaning services can save you money through reduced absenteeism, increased productivity and better protection of assets.

Let’s talk ! Once we learn more about your commercial cleaning needs and goals, we can customize a janitorial services program that work best for you.

Calgary office cleaning services

Specialized Commercial Cleaning Services for Any Cleaning Challenge

Chemical Free Window Cleaning Services in Calgary

Other window cleaning companies use a mixture of chemicals, tap water, with a squeegee.

For low-rise buildings, our de-ionized (purified) water and pole window cleaning system is safer and more efficient, saving you up to 25% off the cost of conventional window cleaning services.

Protecting your buildings assets with a full list of specialty cleaning services in Calgary including:

  • floor cleaning services
  • ceiling cleaning services
  • carpet cleaning services
  • window cleaning services
  • electrostatic disinfection services
  • environmentally friendly cleaning services

Look under “Services” for details.

What we do and where we do it.

EFS Clean’s Commercial Cleaning Services in Calgary include:

  • Daily, weekly janitorial services and office cleaning services – available 24/7
  • Ceiling cleaning services – acoustic and vinyl tiles
  • Pure water window cleaning services
  • Floor cleaning services
  • Electrostatic disinfection services
  • Upholstery cleaning servuces
  • Carpet cleaning services
  • Floor finishing services – stripping and waxing
  • High dusting services
  • Supply management services
  • Construction cleaning services
  • Demolition cleaning services
  • Special event cleaning
  • Supplementary staffing
  • Supplies purchasing and management
  • Consulting; trouble-shooting, cleaning efficiencies, environmentally friendly cleaning programs, etc.

EFS Clean’s Commercial Cleaning Services in Calgary, focused on these industries: 

  • Rec centre cleaning services
  • Gym cleaning services
  • Office cleaning services
  • Auto dealership cleaning services
  • Retail cleaning services
  • Arena cleaning services
  • Restaurant cleaning services
  • Bakery cleaning services
  • Industrial cleaning services
  • Medical office cleaning services
  • Dental office cleaning services
  • Education facility cleaning services

Helpful Hints

Here is what you should consider when looking for commercial cleaning companies and janitorial services in Calgary:

1. Are they insured and bonded?
2. Do they offer environmentally friendly cleaning products and practices?
3. What is their quality assurance program and processes?
4. How do they handle a situation where property is damaged?
5. How do they ensure consistent quality over time?

6. Ask the cleaning company to suggest a scope of work and then match it up with what you need done. They may think of things you don’t, and vice-versa.
7. How do they handle deficiencies, to ensure they are taken care of promptly?
8. Ask for a sign-off process for each cleaning service as well as for deficiencies.
9. What type of specialty cleaning services do they provide, ie. window cleaning services, ceiling cleaning services, floor cleaning services, etc.
10. Ask for references from existing customers.

EFS Clean Provides High Value Commercial Cleaning Services and Janitorial Services in Calgary. Just Ask our Clients . . .

Auto Dealership Cleaning Services in Calgary - Porsche Centre Calgary

The EFS Clean team works diligently to ensure our building is well maintained, delivering high level commercial cleaning services which reflect the Porsche brand’s standard of excellence.

Rec Centre Cleaning Services/Gym Cleaning Services in Calgary

For years, we looked for a way to get our pool decks clean. Finally, EFS Clean provided us a solution. We scheduled a deck restoration and I’m happy to say it was an amazing transformation. We have now implemented a regular program to ensure our pool areas maintain their shiny new look.

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