100% disinfecting coverage to keep your staff, customers and your bottom line healthy!

Prevention is the best medicine! Healthy workers and customers means a healthier bottom line to your business.   

Where people gather, so do germs. Fitness facilities, schools, airports, healthcare facilities and other high traffic buildings are perfect breeding grounds for contagious viruses. Sick employees cost you money.

  • In Canada, workers take an average of nine sick days annually, costing billions of dollars each year.
  • Unplanned workplace absences can result in a 39% drop in sales/customer service and a 54% decrease in productivity.


Let us design an affordable, effective disinfecting program at your facility.  A thoroughly cleaned and disinfected facility means improved profitability for you through:

  • 80% reduced probability of catching a cold or flu
  • 62% reduction in contaminated surfaces
  • 46% reduction in absenteeism

Prevention and maintenance are key to a productive, profitable business.

Ultimate protection for staff and customers in populated spaces including:

Work camps

Gym and recreation centres

Shopping malls and food courts

Schools, seniors centres and daycares

Airlines, airports, train and bus stations

EFS Clean offers an electrostatic disinfecting service that reduces the risk of infections by killing viruses, bacteria and mold faster, safer and quieter.

Our system provides complete coverage, including hard-to-reach corners and crevices, more efficiently than spray/wipe methods.

This technology has also proven highly effective for odor elimination and mold remediation.